Why Your Website Needs an SSL Certificate?

SSL Certificate

Before you make the decision of selling through your website, it is essential for you to make the necessary considerations. One of the most important considerations in this regard is whether or not a New York web hosting service provider offers an SSL certificate.

Here are some of the reasons why this is important:

Improved Ranking

Previously, there was no direct benefit for businesses to get an SSL certificate.

However, in 2014, Google announced that HTTPS will be used as a ranking parameter for the search engine results.

According to Google, the purpose was to make the internet a safer place for one and all. In order to make this happen, Google was prepared to reward the websites that have SSL certificates with better rankings.

What greater reason could you need for getting an SSL certificate, considering how it is common knowledge that a majority of the traffic on websites is generated from search engine results?

The more traffic you are able to get from search engine results, the greater will your revenues be. Bearing this in mind, you should only trust such web hosting companies in New York that offer SSL certificates.

Data Security

Regardless of whether you speak of the internet or real life, the fact of the matter is that you will only want information to be accessible by the one whom it is intended for. SSL certificates are essential for ensuring such security over the internet.

The purpose of an SSL certificate is to encrypt all the data that is sent across the internet.

Encrypted data is unreadable to all users other than the one that it is intended for.

An SSL certificate, therefore, gives visitors the guarantee and satisfaction that the website cares for their sensitive information. It gives them the convenience of sending their data across the internet, without having to worry about the safety and security of the data. This is the reason why businesses should only trust such New York web hosting plans that offer SSL certificates.

Customer Satisfaction and Trust

At the end of the day, it is all about winning the customers’ trust. If the customers do not trust a business, you can be certain that they will not be making too many purchases. The satisfaction that the customers gain from an SSL certificate, therefore, is an essential part of ensuring that the website is actually able to generate sales. If your website does not have a valid SSL certificate, there is a high chance of the customers choosing to abandon your website altogether.

Don’t believe it? Well, we have got statistics to show for it.

According to statistics, almost 47 percent of the individuals are willing to let go of products if a website does not have an SSL certificate. If you think about it, that is a very high percentage, mandating you to choose among web hosting companies in New York carefully.

The importance of SSL certificates cannot be stressed upon enough. If you are looking a website hosting company in New York, it is recommended for you to trust Center3Hosting in this regard. They have got all your security needs covered!